/ Jun 2022

Thanks to the new 3D scanner, we can measure and check any shape. Some parts cannot be 100% checked other than with a 3D scanner.

/ Jun 2021

We continue with the capacity enlargement. This time we decided for 2 smaller 3-axis milling centres LEADWELL V22i. The delivery time was extremely prolonged (corona, Suez ect.) but they are already at home.

/ Sep 2020

A new machine as arrived. It is increasing our milling abilities in significant way. Beside the size of 5000mm in X axis it is a full 5 axis machine.

/ Mar 2020

There must be an order in thing. That's okay, we've always had it. In this order you need to orientate effectively and quickly. And with the gradual growth of the company, it became more and more difficult.

/ Aug 2019

And here it is: the first (“ceremonial“) excavation!

/ Feb 2019

When your shirt is getting small (for example, your muscles grow :) you need a new, bigger one. Our company is facing this problem. Therefore, we decided to build a new hall that will allow us further development.

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