Desing engineering by using 2D a 3D CAD systems

Engineering production

  • prototype parts,
  • metal structures and its parts,
  • tools,
  • fittings,
  • custom made pins and injection molds with accessories,
  • teeth and grooving,
  • measuring, welding or assembling fittings and its parts,
  • cutting, bending and shaping concepts,
  • manufacture of accessories,
  • production of single-purpose machines with simple control or control via computer with the possibility of using different electrotechnical and pneumatic components,
  • chip machining and locksmith work,
  • repairs and modifications of any parts, machines and tools,
  • the development of handling equipment or other technical equipment,
  • we provide the possibility of applying fluoroplast coatings (PTFE, PFA, FEP) on product surface.


Locksmith production from design to installation

  • manufacture of handrails,
  • production, installation and installation of stairs,
  • manufacture of gates, fencing, barriers, columns, beams,
  • manufacture and construction of handling arms.


Last but not least, we realize:

  • Customization, small-scale production, design activities as well as small architecture. By using 2D and 3D CAD systems. We can quickly secure the materials and transport. We concentrate on the quality of our products from production to shipping. Business relationships with different types of customers have taught us to create realistic offers. It is a matter of course for our company to provide expert advice to our work teams. That’s why we prefer the production of parts based on customer requirements without any prejudice and limitations, whether based on the drawing documentation, the original pieces or the customer’s vision.